Vishwaniketan Institute of Design

Vishwaniketan Institute of Design

In partnership with

Teesside University, UK

4 Year Design Degree Programme
3 Years in India + Final Year in UK


International perspective and exposure to best design practices globally will enhance your long-term career prospects

Vishwaniketan’s partnership with Teesside University, UK, offers several advantages to aspiring designers. You get a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of design in India mentored by experienced faculty, industry professionals and pioneers in the field of design education. In the 4th year of your course, you will be groomed in an immersive international design environment at Teesside University. With regular personal attention given to each student throughout the course, you are sure to bloom and grow into a valued design professional

Work in UK, study further, become an entrepreneur – The choice is yours

You can also opt for further studies at Teesside University, or any other university in Europe or pursue employment opportunities in International Design organisations after the completion of your degree. At present, the UK offers an employment visa of 2 years for students who can find employment.

Because you deserve to shine.

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An Opportunity to study with the robust project-based learning methodology, & a Institute that's in partnership with 19+ Universities Globally

International UG Fellowship

The VID design courses is meant to expose students to international design standards and practices. To further enhance their experience international UG fellowships will be offered to students when they finish two years of the four year programme.
At present, we have tie ups with a few International universities who offer design fellowships . Students can make use of this 45 days fellowship programme conducted during the summer vacation.The highlight of the programme is that students can work on special projects mentored by experienced international faculty. It is our experience that this programme can be a life changing experience for talented students.

Vishwaniketan Incubation Centre (VIC) For Startups

Vishwaniketan Incubation Centre (VIC) is an outcome of our vision to promote entrepreneurship and technology start-ups of innovative ideas. We will assist students & staff to think innovation and convert their ideas into products or services

Incubation Center for Startups

Take your ideas to a test ride​

VID also has its own incubation center where ideas can be taken for a test ride under professional supervision. This is an important cog in the learning process as it offers space for experimentation and failure , which is a very vital component of learning. Any student with a viable idea can speak to mentors and domain experts and will be guided professionally to research and fine tune the idea . Connections with entrepreneur and funding agencies is also possible depending on the viability of the idea


Teeside University, UK