Vishwaniketan Institute of Design

Learning at Vishwaniketan Institute of Design can happen for every type of learner

Product Design

Product design is about making your imagination a reality and our product design course provides you with the skills and knowledge for careers across the design industry in roles from consultant to in-house designer, from small independent businesses to large-scale manufacturers.

Graphic Design

Learn to bring your ideas to life as a confident and responsive visual communication designer through this innovative and industry-focused graphic design and illustration degree course.

Interior Design

Develop your practice as an interior architect, a professional role that combines creative design with structural change and the enclosure of space, building construction, inclusive design, and ideas generation alongside ho people interact with their surroundings including homes, offices, schools and hospitals.

Fashion with Textile

Curated by industry experts to bridge the gap between industry and education the course will help you learn and apply the latest technological advancements to augment fashion design and manufacturing process.